“We are the market leader for icebreakers” President Putin

Setting the number in putin, he is actually saying that Russia’s icebreakers will be superior to other countries’ icebreakers. The declaration is a subtle jab at the US, Canada and Norway, all of which have big ambitions in the Arctic. The Russian-developed ‘Lider’ icebreaker is truly unique. It can cross the thickest layer of ice at a speed of up to three meters per second. The dimensions of it are also good according to the needs.

Russia is also building a massive warship that will be strong enough to crush ice like a can. It will eventually replace the current fleet of just three ships capable of carrying out such operations in the areas around the Northern Sea Route. The project called Yakutia is set for delivery in 2024 and another project called Chukotka will be ready by 2026. Russia has pushed back the launch date of its new giant icebreaker to 2027, a top lawmaker said this week, despite the country currently is having a financial crisis and has no real plan to send it to the Arctic.

“We are the market leader for icebreakers” President Putin

When it comes to Arctic strategy development, Russia is a master icebreaker. The United States and China are just beginning to make their way into the icy waters. Because the Arctic is warming, many people have expressed doubts that Russia will maintain its supremacy in the Arctic. However, the Russian authorities are closely monitoring the situation and are taking all necessary measures to prevent the simultaneous loss of power and territory.

Designed to operate in icy conditions year-round, a powerful nuclear reactor powers the Leader. Rosatom plans to build three more icebreakers by 2033.

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