WATCH: Lil Pump Slams Russ For Canceling Tour Due To Mental Health Issues

Lil Pump criticized Russ for canceling the European tour due to mental health issues. With so many tours soon to come. We had one where fans were hoping that rapper Russ would perform on his European tour. However, that is not happening now and Lil Pump has criticized that decision by Russ.

Read on to find out more about Lil Pump’s comments on Russ’ European tour being canceled due to mental health concerns.

Russ cancels his European tour due to mental health problems

There were so many music tours this year. Some even announced their headliners for the event. Which meant that one of the rappers, Russ, also had his European tour to perform soon. However, now it seems that it will not happen.

Russ recently announced that due to his mental health issues, he will not be performing on the European tour. He shared the news on social media saying that he regrets his decision. Also, he said that fans can get a refund on his tickets for the European tour.

Lil Pump Slams Russ’ European Tour Cancellation

Russ had to perform over 20 dates and that seemed impossible for him due to his mental health issues. While Nicki Minaj, The Game and Blxst supported Russ for his decision to cancel the European tour. It seems that Lil Pump is not so convinced with his decision.

Recently on his IG story, Lil Pump went on to criticize Russ for canceling his European tour. Though he didn’t name Russ in his post. However, he seemed sure who he was referring to as he said, “You know damn well who I’m talking to, kid. You just canceled a whole European tour… Get on that damn plane and go do your shows…”

Russ’ reaction to Lil Pump’s comment

It was pretty obvious from Lil Pump’s post who he was talking about. Meanwhile, fans have always seen that Lil Pump and Russ never get along.

However, the years-long problems between them once again found their spark after the cancellation of Russ’s European tour. While surely Lil Pump has said everything he wanted to say. Russ still reacts the same way.

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