WATCH: Ice Spice Rolling Loud New York Performance Gets Mixed Reactions

On the surface, Ice Spice is possibly the most popular newcomer in the rap game, however, his less than stellar performance at 2022’s Rolling Loud New York has garnered mixed responses from fans. On Friday, September 23, Ice Spice made a surprise appearance during Fivio Foreign’s set at the 2022 Rolling Loud New York festival at Citi Field in Queens, NY. The 22-year-old rap rookie performed her viral hit song ‘Munch (Feelin’ U),’ to the delight of the crowd. Nonetheless, certain people via social media exceptionally condemned Ice Spice’s lackluster performance.

Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend Masika Kalysha tweeted her disapproval regarding Ice Spice’s performance on her Twitter account. bruh…[netural face emoticon], she tweeted. I am not a hater. I want everyone to win. I really do… so can anyone anytime kindly get Ice Spice to have a stage presence?[,] coaching training and breath control [weary face emoticon] Please. However, some artists came to Ice Spice’s defense and reprimanded Masika for examining the young neophyte. When Shade Room reposted Masika’s tweets in a blog post, single rapper Maliibu Miitch said in the comments section that Ice Spice is a new artist and hasn’t had a chance to develop her stage presence yet. .

Ice Spice rolling hard

Ice Spice Reportedly Receives Backlash For Underperformance

22-year-old Bronx-born rapper Ice Spice, who blew up practically overnight after her most recent release, receives backlash for her allegedly sub-par performance on Rolling Loud. Ice Spice has had the kind of star life and consideration since the advent of her viral hit song ‘Munch (Feelin’ U). In addition to receiving a coveted co-sign from Drake, 35, the two were recently spotted together in Toronto at a show. Fivio Foreign brought Ice Spice in a surprise appearance during her 2022 Rolling Loud New York performance.

Though the crowd seemed happy to see the rapper as she performed in front of an audience, the new artist on the scene is now receiving backlash from fans via social media regarding her performance. One of these fans who clearly had a comment for Ice Spice was Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend, Masika Kalysha. Bruh… (neutral face emoticon), she tweeted in response to her stage performance posted by XXL on her Twitter account. I am not a critic. I maintain that everyone should win. I really do…so at some point, could someone kindly get Ice Spice some stage presence training and breath control preparation, please.

While many others across social media seem to agree with Masika, some claimed that Masika was not in the right position to oppose Ice Spice’s performance. It’s interesting how you’re discussing stage presence and couldn’t do it in front of a stage, one tweeted. Among many others, a fellow rapper, Maliibu Miitch, took to social media in defense of Ice Spice. Not really funny or kool (disinterested face emoticons), he composed. Ice is an upcoming artist[,] give her a chance to develop. Do you think she or the team knew she was going to blow up like this? Let him enjoy all that awaits him…he’ll be there soon!

Ice Spice rolling hard
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