WATCH: Hitman Holla and Girlfriend Cinnamon Viral Internet Video ‘Close Friends’ Story

Recently, a new video of Hitman Holla with his girlfriend Cinnamon is going viral on social media. This is the reason why it has now become the center of the conversation on the Internet. Hitman Holla fans claim the video going viral on social media was uploaded by him on Snapchat as his “close friends” story.

One of his friends recorded his private story and leaked it on the public platform. After seeing the intimacy between Hitman Holla and his girlfriend, people are shocked and therefore take to Twitter to share their reactions.

Explaining the Hitman Holla video leak incident

After exploring the viral video, fans claim that the x-rated clip of Hitman Holla along with his girlfriend Cinnamon is gaining a lot of attention on Twitter. According to reports, Hitman Holla shared the private video of him ensuring complete privacy as only close friends of his would have seen it.

But someone screen-recorded his story and leaked it on the public platform. Now the video is shared with various users on Twitter. If you are not aware of the “close friends” feature available on social networks, let us tell you that it allows the user to allow this story to be visible only to a selected group of people. It offers 100% privacy as you have to select your close friends manually.

Any clarification on this viral intimate video of Hitman Holla and his girlfriend is not yet published by Hitman Holla on their social media accounts. We do not even have any official information confirming whether it was he who uploaded the video to social networks or not.

The Hitman Holla video came from him and then someone went viral after accessing his Snapchat story. Fans are acting crazy on Twitter after exploring the romantic video of him with Cinnamon.

Reactions of his Fans

Fans are posting tweets to show their reaction to the Hitman Holla video going viral.

a Twitter user wrote, “Hitman Holla too weird to post that lmao. What is the pursuit of influence?

Another person posted a tweet saying, “Why the hell would Hitman Holla post those videos and how would they leak from his close friends?”

Another tweet reads: “I’m late but Hitman Holla got hacked cause I know he didn’t just post all that on his story.”

One more person tweeted: “Did you like the Hitman Holla video? Yes, but I think it was intentional. He and his chin always overshared.

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