Walt Disney Animation opens new studio in Vancouver

The Walt Disney Animation Studio is one of the world’s largest American animation corporations and is the best-known producer of cartoons and family entertainment. It is also one of the largest media alliances in the world.

New Disney studio in Vancouver

Walt Disney Animation Studios is now set to open a new facility in Vancouver, British Columbia soon. And according to a report, the new studio will produce and host “special projects” for Disney+. The Moana will be the first project of the new study, it is said that it will be a musical series.
The new studio will create a series of short films along with long-form ones.

And the musical series mentioned above, Moana is going to be an amazing movie on Disney+. And the showrunner will be an Israeli Osnat Shurer with an Oscar nomination for the 2016 film Moana. Disney announces that his feature films will continue to be made at the company’s Burbank studio.
Also in Vancouver, the head of Walt Disney Animation Studios will be Amir Nasrabadi, who served at Walt Disney Studio as head of finance in the past.

Disney Animation Studio
Walt Disney Animation opens new studio in Vancouver

He has a lot of experience in the field of management. the work in pixar Canada as General Manager or Vice President and has also held senior leadership positions. Also, he is recently working at WildBrain studios as General Manager. She spent 10 years, from 1999 to 2009, in Disney’s finance department.

Nasrabadi is also excited to be a member of Walt Disney again. He will be many talented employers who will help understand the narrative.

New Disney Studio: official opening

Burbank and Vancouver have the most talented people and artists in the world. The location is incredibly high and meets studio standards. Disney has not yet revealed where the new studio will be located.
The official opening of the Vancouver studio intends to open in January 2022. And the recruitment process will begin. Available positions include design, character TD, general TD, animation, look development, and lighting. The declaration of the new Vancouver studio is a substantial move for Disney, given that the Burbank headquarters is now the company’s only animation creation center in the world.
The Gastown district of downtown Vancouver was also formerly home to Pixar Canada, a studio that focused primarily on creating Disney Pixar short films. This move is a development for the company, which then only had the Burbank studio.

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