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Music events today almost always include mistakes made in the middle of the performance. Sometimes it’s the microphone and other times it’s someone in the audience booing the artist. But no one could handle a stage better than Luke Bryan, who recently fell onstage by accident but recovered to show off his butt-shaking prowess.

The singer has fallen to the ground on stage before. But he laughed, surprising his audience and providing more entertainment.

A stage Luke Bryan falls

When the incident occurred, the country artist was on stage in Raleigh, North Carolina.

He was going through his goofy moves as he sang “That’s My Kind of Night” to the applause of the audience. She appears to be dancing to her music when an electrical tape on stage wraps around her foot and knocks it to the ground.

The audience gasped and seemed concerned for a brief moment, but the vocalist didn’t miss a beat. He continued to perform, even managing a comedic yet seductive pelvic thrust that had the audience in stitches.

Bryan made the best possible choice playing for the audience.

The Booty Shake continues

Luke’s stumble on stage was obviously not the least bit embarrassing for him.

The artist decided to stay on the ground and continue his pelvic thrust for a few more seconds when his representative came on stage to help him to his feet.

But when Luke finally got to his feet, he made a twerk-like gesture as he humorously massaged his butt and turned his back to the audience.

The audience quickly forgot about the mishap as they were highly entertained by the singer’s dancing, or should we call “twerking” talents.

Reaction of the fans to the fall in the stadium

Luke has received much appreciation on social media for his professional demeanor. The way he handled what could easily have been a very awkward situation on stage has earned him real praise from the audience.

One person tweeted: “That knockdown was so spot on it felt like it was written in the play, you handled it like a pro dear Luke B.”

The least embarrassing fall I’ve ever witnessed, I think, was that. What grace! Why can’t I fall like this? another said.

“Only Luke could pull this off,” commented one fan.

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