Video: Enrique Iglesias kisses a fan in Las Vegas

Enrique Iglesias stunned fans when he shared a video of himself kissing a female fan in Las Vegas.

Here is everything you need to know.

Enrique Iglesias kisses a concertgoer during a meet and greet

Enrique Iglesias took to Instagram to upload a video of himself getting intimate with a fan during a gathering for his concert in Las Vegas on Friday night.

The video began with the 47-year-old singer kissing the fan on her cheek as she posed for a couple of selfies. However, a few moments later, things took a steamy turn when the woman turned her head and began kissing Iglesias passionately on her lips.

The Dancing artist initially seemed surprised, but didn’t back away. She continued making out with the mystery woman. Furthermore, at one point she even moved her hands below her waist.

However, the clip ended with Iglesias finally letting go of the fan as he ran off with a security guard standing awkwardly.

Additionally, the Spanish singer described the post with a caption that read: ‘Friday night in #LASVEGAS @resortsworldlv see you tonight!’

Fans react to Enrique Iglesias kissing a fan

Enrique Iglesias fans were divided over their recent encounter. While some fans joked that they envied ‘luck’, others weren’t impressed.

One fan wrote: ‘So lucky! You are the best for your fans!’

Another said: ‘Oh my God! I want to be her.’

A third joked: ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’

However, some fans were upset considering the status of Iglesias’ relationship with Anna Kournikova.

One user said, “Anna wants to know your location,” while adding a knife emoji.

Also, a second chimed in saying, ‘I don’t like it when other girls kiss you! Your kisses must be only for Anna.

Another mentioned: ‘How the hell does Anna put up with this?’

Meanwhile, someone else commented: ‘I’m confused. Is Anna okay with this? I wouldn’t be.

A different user added: ‘Wow so inappropriate of this woman and for you to let her do that.’ I’m sure his wife won’t be happy.

If you didn’t know, Iglesias has been in a relationship with tennis star Kournikova for nearly two decades. They started dating in 2001 after meeting while filming their ‘Escape’ music video.

In addition, the couple is the father of three children, twins Nicholas and Lucy, 4 years old, and Mary, 2 years old.

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