VIDEO: AOC was criticized online for faking being arrested at the US Capitol on July 19

AOC, activist and politician from the United States. She caused controversy online after she pretended to be handcuffed during an abortion rights rally before the Supreme Court.

AOC and Carolyn Maloney were escorted away by a police officer.

On July 19, the 32-year-old politician blocked traffic outside the courthouse. And a police officer had to escort her and Carolyn Maloney. AOC can be seen smiling in a popular video as she holds her hands behind her back, appearing to be chained. After a few steps, she raised a fist in support of the protesters before folding her hands. She behind her back once more to mimic being handcuffed even though she wasn’t.

Maloney posed as a witness when law enforcement officers approached

When court authorities approached Cortez and Maloney, she faked the pose, drawing criticism from several online users. However, it is not clear whether or not the Capitol police asked him to keep his hands behind his back. The video of AOC acting like she’s been arrested on Twitter has 7.2 million views at the time this article was written. Cortez received criticism for her fake pose and many online commenters criticized her for manipulating the public during such a serious demonstration.

Some Twitter users congratulated the Democrat.

However, some Twitter users praised the Democrat for defending women’s rights outside the US Supreme Court. Wade According to The Guardian, on Tuesday, July 19, lawmakers shouted “we are not coming back” and “our bodies, our choice” as they stood in front of the United States Capitol.

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush were among the politicians who attended the rally in addition to AOC. They were sitting in the middle of the street when a group of police officers surrounded them and told them that they would be arrested for blocking the road. 17 members of Congress were among the 35 people detained during the protests, according to Capitol Police.

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