US recommends ‘pause’ on Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine after blood clot cases

After the six adverse cases of blood clotting, the US recommends pausing the Johnson and Johnson covid-19 vaccine. This was the joint decision of the US Center for Disease and Prevention. [CDC] and the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] to stop the use of the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. Here’s what CDC Senior Deputy Director Dr. Anne Schuchat told the media: “Until that process is complete, we recommend a pause in the use of this vaccine out of an abundance of caution.”

The decision was made public yesterday. [13th April 2021] around 4 p.m. via a tweet from the FDA. A total of six cases are considered under the adverse case in which people suffer from reduced platelets and blood clotting. According to the FDA

, the treatment of this blood coagulation will be different from the others. One more strange thing to note is that all six people are women between the age difference of 18 to 48 years.

vaccine for COVID-19

However, the Johnson and Johnson company denies the whole situation. Its officials have said “there is no clear causal relationship” between the vaccine and blood clotting. The truth will be in front of the entire nation after the investigation is complete; we have to wait until then.

The CDC announced an advisory committee on immunization practices [ACIP] on Wednesday to review the entire case. The Johnson and Johnson company is also taking precautions and has stopped trading with several European countries and has negotiated new terms. This is what company officials told the media: “We have been reviewing these cases with European health authorities. We have decided to proactively delay the launch of our vaccine in Europe.”

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