Two pilots confirmed ‘alive and well’ after plane crash

After crashing several miles off the coast of Oahu, two plane pilots are alive. According to the Hawaii Department of TransportationWhen the plane fell from the sky, authorities were alerted and a search was launched. However, sources speculate that it was going to be an emergency landing. Transair’s Boeing 737-200 cargo plane took off from Honolulu, Hawaii and was flying to Maui when it began experiencing mechanical problems. The pilots said they were experiencing some problems with the second engine after the first one went out.

two pilots
Two pilots confirmed 'alive and well' after plane crash

At 1:46 am the pilots confirmed that they had also lost the second engine and it would be difficult for them to continue the flight. And so the plane began to fall, causing a panic in the cabin. The National Transportation Safety Board said they are still investigating the reason both engines stopped working.

Officials said one pilot was taken to the trauma center, while another went to a fire station in a rescue boat. Apart from that, the Queen’s Medical Center confirmed that one of the pilots they received is critical, and now nothing can be said. However, there is still no further news about the accident. But the National Transportation Safety Board is expected to address the media soon.

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