TWICE’s Jihyo Explains Translation Error In Grammy Magazine Interview

TWICE’s Jihyo turned to Bubble to clear up a misunderstanding regarding her most recent interview with Grammy magazine, published on August 25. TWICE’s Jihyo expressed that his comment was mistranslated. He referenced that he discovered there was an error when he reviewed specific articles that discussed it. The mistranslated comment referenced is that Jihyo said that they “didn’t realize that all the group members had renewed their contracts until just before the official announcement” from the company. Fans joked, saying it was his version of a drop in confidence as it was reportedly unexpected that the close-knit nine members didn’t talk about renewing their contracts.

Although the mistranslation didn’t cause much damage, TWICE’s Jihyo needed to remove any confusion. He wanted fans to know that each of the nine members of the group knew that it would be difficult to get everyone on the same page. He explained that it wasn’t so much that the members didn’t know anything about it until the agency released an official announcement, however, they weren’t sure about the renewal until the contracts were brought to them.

TWICE’s Jihyo Clarifies Comments About Contract Renewal In Interview With Grammy Magazine

Recently, TWICE kept their long-awaited company with the 11th Mini Album titled ‘Between 1 &2’. It is the group’s first Korean comeback since each of the nine members of TWICE renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment. The group showed that they are here to stay, in conflict with the ‘seven year curse’ that K-Pop groups frequently face. However, TWICE’s Jihyo shared surprising information regarding contract renewals in her interview with GRAMMY magazine. In view of the article published by GRAMMY magazine, it seemed that the members did not know that they had all renewed their contracts until just before JYP Entertainment made the official announcement.

ONCE (TWICE fans) were stunned by the statement thinking that the members are so close. They would have anticipated that everyone should discuss such conversations fully. In any case, on August 26, Jihyo took to the fan message app Bubble to explain the misunderstanding of the translation. In Bubble, Jihyo explained that he read the article and realized that a translation error had occurred. ‘I realized this while reading a part of the articles [about us]. I think there was a translation error! Jihyo said. Then, at that point, he explained that he didn’t mean that the members didn’t know that the others renewed their contracts until the official announcement, but that they didn’t have the slightest idea how the renewals would turn out until they sat down. to sign them.

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‘I implied that none of us knew how the renewals would go until the contracts were actually drawn up and we jumped in to sign them. I was trying to explain that it’s not at all simple for everyone to be on the same page,” he said. Jihyo proceeded, he wasn’t necessarily guaranteed that we would all have to renew [contracts], which is fine since it is our life! I wanted to emphasize that it was really critical that we be able to make our own decisions. However, I think the interview ended up being translated in another way.’ At last, he ends up assuring fans that “it doesn’t matter” since it’s still TWICE. But yeah, whatever! [It] It doesn’t matter since we are still TWICE, OT9. It’s no big deal whether we knew it or not! she concluded.

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