Trump defended Hitler saying the Nazi leader did many good things

Michael Bender’s upcoming book has been creating a lot of conversation around town. In the book titled “Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost”, it has been revealed that former President Donald Trump said on his last visit to Europe in 2018 that “Hitler was a good man and some of his deeds were good.” He told this to John Kelly, who was the chief of staff at the time.

Some of Trump’s allies also supported the president and denied making the comment. An anonymous source said Kelly “told the president he was wrong, but Trump didn’t stop them from telling him.” Although Trump cited Germany

During Hitler’s economic recovery in the 1930s, his chief of staff “pointed out all the other factors that affected Germany’s economy before Hitler’s rise to power” and “reminded Trump of Adolf Hitler’s atrocities during World War II.” World War”. The writer said. All things have been mentioned in the book.

Trump defended Hitler
Trump defended Hitler saying the Nazi leader did many good things

In the book, it has been written that Kelly did not support the idea of ​​Trump praising Hitler as, during the World War era, the United States faced a lot of destruction due to Hitler’s ideas. Although these comments were said to be false. “The comments are patently false,” said a spokesman for the Great Leader. “The president never said this. It’s always hard to admit, but some stories are completely false. This is one of them.”

Even though Kelly was Trump’s chief of staff, he still had a hard time understanding Trump’s vision. He often wanted things done his way and found it nearly impossible to provide the kind of structure and guidance Trump needed to maintain control over his ungovernable White House. Some of the incidents between Trump and Kelly have been listed in the book.

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