Timbo The Redneck: How did the TikTok star die? The situation of his girlfriend.

Timbo the Redneck was the famous TikTok star. He is no longer with us. Earlier this month he died due to a fatal truck accident. He was just 18 years old and had milestones in his career. The famous TikTok star Timbo the Redneck is no longer with us. It’s obvious that Timbo, the redneck’s girlfriend, and his family members, his fans, were devastated, especially his mother, who collapsed inside.

When their mother announced her passing, fans reached out to them as soon as possible. And the TikTok star had surprisingly passed away. Where he died after a “big booty truck accident” and the news brings complete shock to fans and family.

Timbo The Redneck: How did the TikTok star die? The situation of his girlfriend.

Shocking news: Timbó died

After hearing such shocking news, fans have come to pay tribute from all over the internet. Especially on the TikTok platforms, while the people who admired and loved him all posted a heartfelt message to him. Particularly his family members became depressed and could not believe the reality. Also, after the fatal truck incident, Timbo’s mother took to social media and uploaded a video of her calling herself and explaining who she was to Timbo.

He then made it public that his son Timbo will no longer make a video for his fans. She addressed her fans in a very unfortunate way and explained her death. That how she died in a fatal truck accident, what happened. Her statements were spread both on TikTok and Instagram. And it came as a sudden shock to people because the news hadn’t leaked yet.

Timbo’s relationship with Kori Williams

His fans must also acknowledge that Kori was there at the time of the terrible incident that cost Timbo his life. Still, she did not die in the accident and only had minor injuries. The incident took place in the front yard of Timbo’s friend’s house. His brother-in-law revealed that he was making “donuts” when his truck filled up.
Timbo, officially known as Timothy Hal and has a brother-in-law who has spoken to the world and announced the real details of the accident.

He revealed that Timothy and his girlfriend were doing tricks together in Timbo’s truck when his truck flipped. He was in a relationship with Kori Williams since 2019. And while Timbo couldn’t bring him back alive, his girlfriend lives. His girlfriend is Kori Williams, shocked and saddened by this incident. However, recently both celebrated their 2 years of relationship. She is so obsessed with him that she even used to tell everyone that she would become Kori Hall.

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