TikTok’s “You Crazy Girl” sound explained: everything you need to know

You can never bet on what could become the viral trend on TikTok like the “You crazy girl” trend. Well, this trend is becoming popular on TikTok and making everyone love it. However, if you are wondering what the trend is all about and what makes it popular, here is what you should know about it.

Read on for the “You crazy girl” viral trend on TikTok.

“You crazy girl” trend goes viral on TikTok

Tiktok over the years has become an incredibly popular app where users post short videos of any situation or anywhere. Its huge user base makes any video worth its salt go viral in no time. As is the case with “You crazy girl” going viral on TikTok that has become so popular lately.

@shannbailee He’s actually super cute, he’s doing his best 🥺❤️ #momsoftiktok #sahm #toddlermom #momlife ♬ original sound – Maggie Stetson

Well, if you don’t know what exactly this trend is about. Then it’s a viral sound saying “wow crazy, you crazy girl” on TikTok. In fact, so far this trend has thousands of videos and the original video of this trend already has millions of views and several likes as well.

Where did the “Crazy Girl” trend on TikTok come from?

The “You crazy girl” viral trend hit this year when a TikTok user named Maggie Stetson in a Nicole Elizabeth video said the lines “wow crazy. You crazy girl.” Maggie’s sound instantly went viral later.

@meganbarnett430 ♬ original sound – Maggie Stetson

However, in Nicole’s video she is seen eating Taco Bell while in a car. In fact, while she was eating she was eating a chicken burrito. Let her dip into the nacho cheese she intended for fried nachos. Maggie, reacting to that video in shock, said “wow, crazy, crazy girl”, which made it incredibly popular.

User reaction to the trending viral video “You, crazy”

Well, Nicole’s video aside, it was specifically Maggie’s sound that went viral. Because the app users made the sound use it in their videos. As such, TikTok users have so far made thousands of videos about the sound.

@margeorpeg #stitch with @nicoleelizabetha ♬ original sound – Maggie Stetson

In fact, users are posting videos with this sound on TikTok. Showing off his crazy and weird habits that others just love.

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