TikToker goes viral after using William Hung’s custom video to quit his job

TikTok is becoming very popular for its unique content, one that rose to fame when a TikTok featured her boyfriend using William Hung’s video to announce he was quitting his job. Well, over time TikTok has literally given some amazing videos to watch. But what’s so special about a TikToker’s new viral video showing her boyfriend quitting his job using William Hung’s video?

Read on to find out more about a TikToker who went viral over her boyfriend’s announcement to quit his job with William Hung’s video.

TikToker shares a unique announcement of her boyfriend’s resignation from work

Over time, TikTok has given its users a platform where they can share literally anything they find special. Well, that’s what happened to a TikToker who calls himself “Joellenlove.” Recently, on May 11, she shared a TikTok video of her boyfriend.

The TikToker video is of her boyfriend, where he is using William Hung’s custom video to announce his job resignation. The unique way to make the announcement is to win the hearts of everyone on TikTok.

@joellenlove and yes its a William Hung original not a version #jobtips #worklife ♬ original sound – Joellen Lu

What’s so special about her boyfriend’s TikToker video?

Well, before trying to understand what was so special about her boyfriend’s TikToker video. She must remember who William Hung is and why he is popular. Hung rose to fame in 2004 when he performed at the American Idol auditions to a Ricky Martin song.

Although he could not advance much in that program. He definitely worked with some record label until 2011. As such, lately, a video of a TikToker’s boyfriend went viral and Hung can be seen in the video. Where he announces that Christopher is leaving the job as he found another. Also, he said that he will miss everything and then he played a song.

User reaction to viral video

Like this custom, William Hung’s video announcing Christopher’s resignation became incredibly popular. We had the video on TikTok with over a million views. With thousands and thousands of likes on top too.

Users really loved this unique style of making a job resignation announcement. Meanwhile, many of them said that they have not heard the name of William Hung lately. How this viral video made memories of him fresh in everyone’s mind.

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