TikTok: Who is Sam Postar? Why do users ask for its ban?

Tiktok has brought fame to many of its users, including the one that is going viral lately to ban it from the platform and that is Sam Postar. Yes, Sam Postar is generating a lot of buzz on TikTok and users have reacted to him in a different way. As there is a demand to be banned by TikTok. But why are TikTok users demanding their ban from the app?

Read on to know more about TikToker Sam Postar and the users demanding his ban on TikTok.

Who is Sam Postar on tiktok?

Since TikTok was born, many stars have evolved from it. Like we saw Addison Rae, the D’Amelio sisters and everything. While many of them are receiving immense support from his fans. Some of them go viral on TikTok for other reasons.

Sam Post
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Sam Postar is also a TikToker who keeps his TikTok account private. However, he still has around 3 million followers on TikTok. But lately there have been a lot of rumors about Sam. As users are giving him reactions, that’s shocking to see.

Tiktoker Sam Postar goes viral on tiktok

Tiktok star Sam Postar is actually going viral on TikTok with millions of followers of his on TikTok. In fact, in addition to being a private account. The hashtag “sampostar” has been viewed at least 9 million times. Not only that we have seen many other videos about Sam Postar trending.

What is going viral on the app is users posting videos on Sam Poster. Mentioning it as “How is Sam Posting not banned?”. Users have been giving reactions to TikToker making it more viral these days. But why are they seeking the ban?

@all_gaming25 #greenscreen don’t tag him he might unfollow me #fyp #samposter ♬ original sound – Manwithoutabrain

User reaction on tiktoker Sam Postar

While efforts have been made to find out how long Sam has been active on the app. The account that he is private has not given any clues about his possible presence on the app. However, according to certain reports, the content of it is something that is not suitable. However, users using the hashtag Sam Postar have made videos of him go viral.

Meanwhile, due to all these hashtags and videos about Sam getting banned from TikTok. Postar has certainly become even more viral than before, while there are still a lot of facts to know about Postar.

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