TikTok: Meaning of Medusa Tattoos Explained as Viral Ink Trends on Social Media

TikTok has found a unique obsession in Medusa tattoos which is going viral on the app as users try to learn their meaning. Well, TikTok turns out to be a great platform that sometimes starts a campaign for good. So too with the viral Medusa tattoos. TikTok has found its new obsession and a campaign of its own. But what do Medusa tattoos mean?

Read on to find out more about the Medusa tattoos going viral on TikTok.

TikTok Gets a New Viral Medusa Tattoo Trend

TikTok is a hub for all kinds of trends. Sometimes they are simple trends while sometimes it seems revolutionary. Similar is it with these new Medusa tattoo trends as well. This trend has also gone viral on TikTok and other social media accounts. As more and more people try to know the reason behind this trend.

The hashtag of this trend has been viewed 105 million times so far. Where the trend of making a Greek mythological character Medusa is making everyone love him very much. Although many of them know what the character is about and what it represents. Some of them are still struggling with its meaning.

Why is the Medusa tattoo trend going viral on TikTok?

The viral trend of Medusa tattoos sees users getting a Medusa tattoo on their body. However, for those who don’t know Medusa, she was a female Greek mythological character. Who according to the Met Museum, stands as a symbol of protection against evil. Medusa’s appearance hints at this.

According to one claim, Medusa was believed to be a victim of sexual assault. Therefore, her tattoo represents the support and power of sexual assault survivors today. Also, it means showing support against the victim that she blames and shames.

User reaction to the Medusa tattoo trend on TikTok

Users love the trend of Medusa tattoos. Meanwhile, the Medusa tattoo actually looks like an evil woman with her hairs turned into poisonous snakes. Also, the idea behind it was that evil would repel evil. Therefore, TikTok has had many videos with users showing off their Medusa tattoo.

Some of the users have even shared their stories about encountering evil. In addition to showing his now Medusa tattoo to repel that evil. Certainly, the tattoo trend has become more of a campaign against evil, be it in the form of abuse or assault.

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