TikTok: Kim Kardashian and North West Minion makeup trend goes viral

North West becomes Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist to try out the viral minions makeup trend. While the Kardashians are always in the spotlight for one thing or another. Lately we have seen Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West become popular on TikTok. Well, surely no one can resist TikTok, not even celebrities.

Read on to find out more about North West becoming a makeup artist for mom Kim to try out the viral minions makeup trend.

North West and Kim Kardashian are popular on TikTok

Not only Kim Kardashian, but even her four children are popular on the Internet. Among the four, North is the oldest who looks the most like her father Kanye West. North is also a style icon like her mother. In fact, both Kim and North have a joint TikTok account. Where they post fun videos and try trends as well.

They joined TikTok with their joint account as “Kim and North” in the year 2021. Since then, they have been posting videos. Recently, they even tried out a popular trend that is making everyone love it. While her trending video also has millions of views.

Kim Kardashian

North West turns mom Kim into a minion

We all know how popular minions are on the internet. These funny characters became popular from The Despicable Me movies. The popularity of these characters has given several trends to try on TikTok. One of them is the minions makeup trend. Well, recently even Kim and North tried the trend in their own way.

North West ultimately became a makeup artist for her mother. Her while she did Kim’s makeup and made her look like a minion. The video of which is going incredibly viral on TikTok. Post Kim’s makeup, she had her face colored yellow. Along with which her lips and eyes were made to resemble a minion.

User reaction on Kim and North trying out the minion makeup trend

The popular and viral minions makeup trend is loved by all. Meanwhile, when users saw Kim and North trying it out. They liked your videos. However, as Kim and North’s comments section was off. They continued to comment on the videos that were re-uploaded to the internet.

Some of the users said that North made Kim’s makeup very well. While one user said that he couldn’t recognize that she was Kim. Amidst all of this, certainly, everyone loved the amazing mother-daughter trend.

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