TikTok: Joe Biden Wake Up 2020 Video Explained, What is Mohammed saying in the clip?

The trend “Joe Biden Wake Up” becomes popular on TikTok. Joe Biden, as the 46th president, has given many trends and memes on the Internet. While there is hardly anything about Joe Biden that won’t become a meme. We recently found one of the TikToker trends about Joe Biden going viral with its meaning.

Read on to know more about the Joe Biden Wake Up trend going viral with its meaning.

Joe Biden Wake Up TikTok Trend

You may have seen various trends and memes about Joe Biden since he became the 46th president. Well, it could be his difficulty getting a word out during his speech or something else. He has always been popular on social media mainly with the memes of him.

Yet again a trend about Biden from 2020 is going viral on TikTok. Like it started when a TikToker Mohammad Rejab started the “Joe Biden Wake Up” trend. Which started after Joe Biden became the 46th president.


Drum wake up 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️9/11

♬ Wake up Joe Biden – FINKADINK RAjAB WALI

What is the meaning of the Joe Biden Wake Up trend?

In the viral video of Joe Biden Wake Up, Mohammad Rejab could be seen giving his message to Joe Biden to wake up. He said that to remind her of the anniversary of 9/11. However, the video arrived in December. Rejab’s video certainly went viral all over the internet and especially on TikTok.

The re-uploaded video also went viral and gave the video millions of views. While the original video was viewed 65k times and went viral again with the meaning.

Joe Biden Wake Up
Win McNamee/Getty Images

More about Mohammad Rejab

Although the Joe Biden Wake Up video was strange. It was one of the users who explained what the video was about. As he said, Rejab was trying to get him the message to wake up, since it was the infamous anniversary of 9/11. But users took the time to understand what the trend was all about.

Mohammad Rejab is even popular on YouTube, where his Joe Biden video had millions of views. But it was in 2020 that this particular video found the popularity of it. However, we made it viral again with its meaning. However, it seems that he is now no longer active on TikTok.

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