TikTok: ‘I Carry Your Love With Me’ Trend Explained As George Strait Song Goes Viral

Tiktok finds its new viral trend in the song “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me” by George Strait. While it is not new that tiktok has a new trend every minute. However, recently a Strait song is conquering everyone’s hearts. Well, if you haven’t come across this trend on tiktok yet. So this is what you should know about it. As the trend makes everyone fall in love with it.

Read on to know more about the new viral tiktok trend “I carry your love with me”.

Tiktok finds a new trend in the song “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me”

If you are a regular tiktok user, you must have seen certain songs go incredibly viral on the app. Well, something similar happens with this new trend “I carry your love with me”. This trend is actually made up of a song by George Strait. This is a hit song that came out in 1997.

However, lately there has been another popular artist, David Morris, who recreated Strait’s song. While Morris has loved Strait’s original song very much. He had his touch on the song and it came out in July for everyone. The song has since made its way onto tiktok.

What makes the “I carry your love with me” trend popular on tiktok?

After the recreated version of George Strait’s song “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me” came David Morris. Everyone has been making videos using the sound clip on tiktok. In the tiktok trend, one can find users showing the love they carry with them. Whether they show your pregnant belly, pet fur, tattoos, scars, etc. to show love.

@jasmineanddawoud why are they everywhere?

The song has become so viral on tiktok that thousands of videos have been created about the song. Some have even made their videos on Strait’s original track. Certainly no one can bet on which old song would become a viral trend on tiktok.

@georgestrait what do you have with you? #GeorgeStrait #CountryMusic #CarryingYourLoveWithMe ♬ Carrying Your Love With Me – George Strait

User reaction on the viral trend “I carry your love with me”

Users always love to try new trends on tiktok. Meanwhile, the “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me” trend has given new popularity to both the David Morris version and George Strait’s original. However, many of the users have tried the trend using the Strait version.

While some of the users said that David’s song is not as good as Strait’s song. Not to be missed, David with his version of the Strait song said that he has permission from the original creators of the song. They would also get publishing royalties on the same.

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