TikTok: Apocalypse Warning September 24 Meaning Explained

September 24 is trending on TikTok as an Apocalypse is connected to the date. Well, there have been several prophecies in the past that say the planet is coming to an end. However, almost nothing of what is claimed happened. However, once again we have an apocalypse warning and that is believed to happen on September 24th. But is it really so?

Read on for September 24 TikTok trends for an Apocalypse.

Trending September 24 on TikTok

We have had numerous viral quotes on the internet claiming that they will bring about the end of the planet. But certainly, that never happened the way he claimed. However, that never stops the internet from having such dates and theories all around it. As once again we have found a trending date to end.

Well, that is none other than September 24. As this date is going viral on TikTok with a theory that a disaster is coming. However, only the day can prove whether it is true or not. For now, people meet the date and try to know more about it.

What is the theory about September 24?

The September 24 story on TikTok says that an Apocalypse is coming on this date. However, it all started with a speech by German politician Friedrich Merz. He where he said that the date is going to make everyone remember it for a long time.

@dailyrundownwithchris September 24, 2022 #september #september24 #september2022 #endtimes #god #solarflare #news ♬ She knows – J. Cole

However, it was not clear from his speech what he was referring to. After this, we had another theory that some solar flares could make tropical cyclones really powerful. Which can even cause deaths and more disasters. Therefore, the date of September 24 is something to keep in mind.

Is the theory of September 24 on TikTok real?

Well, without a doubt, TikTok is very trendy with the September 24 date on the app. As it says bring an apocalypse. However, before the exact date, we cannot say anything about the authenticity of the theory that revolves around this date.

@cwcline #stitch with @cwcline @itoldyousol #greenscreen #september24 #globalwarming #climatechange #pakistan #flood #deluge #ekpyrosis #nasa #flatearth #solar #storm #warning #china #energy ♬ original sound – Calvin W Cline

Also, there have been so many vain prophecies in the past. So we can’t be so sure about this either. So wait until the day and see if that really comes out as said or if it fails like any other prophecy from the past.

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