TikTok: ‘Angel Shot’ trend explained, drink order used to ask for help

Tiktok recently got a unique trend called “Angel Shot” that is going viral. While previously you may have seen some fun and similar trends on the app. There is this new trend “Angel Shot” that makes everyone like it a lot because of the idea behind it. So what is this “Angel Shot” trend all about?

Read on to know more about the “Angel Shot” trend on TikTok that is going viral.

Tiktok gets new trend “Angel Shot”

There have been several trends on TikTok going viral. Though we’ve mostly seen a few fun and hilarious ones so far. Or some kind of glitch going viral. The so-called “Angel Shot” is unique in its own way as you get its connection to the bars. Some of us like to visit bars. Where we often meet people and have fun with them too.

However, there are several cases where one does not feel safe in bars at some point. Well, that’s when we got to use this “Angel Shot”. In case you are thinking that it is a kind of drink to help you. So that is not so. It is a mere word with which you can put yourself safe. That is the reason why everyone loves it.

Why is “Angel Shot” going viral on TikTok?

The reason behind the use of Angel Shot is that Budget Branders said that in case a customer asks for an angel shot. Then it would mean that they do not feel safe. Depending on which personnel will take measures so that the employer leaves that place safely. Or the staff may eliminate the other customer by making them feel unsafe.

Therefore, the reason why everyone loves this trend is because this trend is actually a signal to the people around them that they feel insecure. Meanwhile, this Angel shot hashtag has 13 million views on TikTok.

User reaction to TikTok’s Angel Shot trend

In the midst of the situation where the Me Too movement was rising. Another campaign came in the UK and it was “Ask for Angela”. Where it would help people to get away from any kind of situation like sexual assault.

@samidesocio #duo with @heyitsstuart #POV the bartender came to the rescue when it was needed most… #angelshot #trend #safety #bar #actor ♬ оригинальный звук – volcogot

However, Angel Shot is popular at the bar. Now it is also gaining popularity on social media. In the meantime, whether you are a man or a woman, a trend like Angel Shot is definitely grabbing everyone’s attention. While users are appreciating it a lot.

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