Three men convicted of the 1995 New York murder of Harry Kaufman have been freed after spending decades in prison.

After spending decades in prison for the murder of New York employee Harry Kaufman, three men have been freed.

Harry Kaufman: What happened to him?

The judge cleared Vincent Ellerbe, James Irons and Thomas Malik of murder charges last week on July 15. After the prosecution pointed out that the case was based on false confessions, poor quality witness identification and other suspicious data. One of the most violent crimes in New York during the 1990s was the murder of Harry Kaufman. The victim, Harry Kaufman, was reportedly set on fire in a subway toll booth.

Ellerbe addressed the court of his imprisonment.

The three men, who were minors at the time, admitted to the murder in 1995 and were eventually found guilty. However, the trio claimed that they were forced to make the same confession. Ellerbe spoke to the court about his time behind bars, saying, “There is no way to undo what happened to us. Either they destroy you or they transform you into a monster. Mallik explained his experience as follows: “Undoubtedly, it’s already too late, but everything takes time. Just being able to stand up straight made me happy.” Irons simply commented that he “felt fantastic” about having his conviction overturned.

Harry Kaufman, 50, worked the night shift at Kingston Avenue and Fulton Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant on November 26, 1995. After attempting to rob him, the attackers poured gasoline through the pay phone’s coin slot. Toll. They then used matches to ignite the fuel while Harry Kaufman begged them not to, according to reports at the time.

Harry Kaufman was forced to flee as he was gobbled up.

Kaufman was forced to flee while engulfed in flames as a result of the cabin explosion. Within two weeks, he passed away. Father of two children, Harry Kaufman was married. After the fact, comparisons were made between the brutality of the murder. And a sequence from the recently released movie Money Train. Irons is said to have admitted during police questioning. That he was just serving as a lookout while Malik and Ellerbe actually set Kaufman on fire.

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