The Island Boys Expect a $1 Million Influencer Boxing Reality Show

The Island Boys, a rap duo, are being considered as candidates for an upcoming reality show about influencer boxing.

Late last year, the Island Boys broke the internet when their song “I’m an Island Boy” went viral on social media (and stuck in everyone’s minds).

Their distinctive design became a hot topic in pop culture, landing them places on big podcasts like Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE and Steve-Wild O’s Ride.

Since then, they have feuded with TikTok star Bryce Hall, who challenged them to a two-on-one boxing match.

They are preparing for the ring.

The rappers finally accepted his offer months later, however, no date, location or other details have been revealed… However, it seems that they may already be planning another boxing adventure.

LiveOne and Propagate Content announced in April 2022 that they will bring internet influencer boxing to the small screen with a reality show about the trend.

The event will pit 32 male and female influencers in the boxing ring to determine two champions, each of whom will receive a $1 million boxing contract with the new international Ultimate Social Boxing League, which LiveOne plans to debut this summer.

The LiveOne founder is open to working with the Island Boys on this next initiative.

While casting is still underway, LiveOne creator Rob Ellin told TMZ that he’s open to working with the Island Boys on this next project.

“We’re looking for you,” Ellin said. “It looks fantastic.” He is animated. These men seem to have the publicity talent needed to develop a big brand’s buzz. Isn’t that Steve Austin? The stone. Hogan-Hulk”.

“Would you like dolls made of you?” You want to work? Do you want to create a brand? Do you want to start your own tequila business? Sure, go ahead. “However, you need to get in boxing shape,” she continued.

No need to worry, Ellin; the Island Boys have already shared their combat footage on social media (though whether they measure up remains to be seen).

At the moment, it seems that the pair of rappers are adding another skill to their repertoire… although it is not clear when we will see them enter the ring.

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