The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2021 IN USA

Republicans in the United States have started this Friday the conservative forum CPAC 2021 in Orlando, Florida, with praise for the former president donald trumpPolitics (2017-2021), which will close the convention this Sunday, in which it will be his first public intervention after finishing his term on January 20.

Matt Schlapp, president of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), anticipated that the message to the “Republican establishment” at the summit is that “they don’t have to like Trump but his policies.”

“You must love the millions that this coalition brought. Let’s make it grow, not shrink it”, stressed the president of the CPAC, a forum that started yesterday with some minor activities.

Schlapp thus invited the Republicans to take advantage of the sessions that begin today to “plot, plan and unite to defeat socialism in the United States.”

“America is under threat,” said former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, one of today’s opening speakers.

Walker emphasized “freedom of expression,” which is another pillar of the meeting after Trump’s social media ban on Capitol Hill in Washington, provoked by his supporters on January 6, 2012, egged on by the former president.

Trump goes against Biden’s policies

This meeting is also expected to be Trump’s platform to go against the policies of President Joe Biden, who defeated him last November and has reversed many of his policies, including migration, since his inauguration on January 20. .

Similarly, uniting Trump’s allies and detractors and solidly reaching the party’s legislative and primary elections ahead of the 2024 presidential election, in which the former president will presumably compete if none of the open legal proceedings against him prosper. .

CPAC will lead from the start by Ron DeSantis

The opening of CPAC 2021 was now in charge of Governor Ron DeSantis, his political ally and who opened the doors of the state to the event that is usually held in the Washington area, but due to the pandemic he moved to Orlando.

“Welcome to our oasis of freedom,” said DeSantis, who has come under fire in the “Sunshine State” for handling the pandemic by quickly opening businesses and not mandating the use of COVID-19 masks.

CPAC 2021

“Florida did well, closed states did poorly,” said DeSantis, who the media points to as a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

On the first day of the forum, Senators Ted Cruz and Rick Scott, as well as former President Donald Trump Jr.’s son, also have their agenda on Friday.


The event also paid tribute to controversial broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, who passed away on February 17 in Palm Beach, Florida, and will now be inducted into the Conservative Hall of Fame.

“Rush showed that fighting the left requires strength, and conservatism without a solid backbone is doomed,” DeSantis said.

The meeting will also address China, mob and street violence, and “protecting” the election, which Trump, who has yet to concede defeat, claimed were rigged in November 2020, without presenting evidence.

Since leaving office, Trump has based himself in Palm Beach, Florida, at his private club Mar-a-Lago, and has so far kept a low profile.

The former president was acquitted earlier this month in the political trial opened in Congress as the alleged instigator of the violence unleashed by his supporters in Congress on January 6, in which five people died.

In addition to Cruz, one of the few speakers of Hispanic origin, Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio, another of the possible Republican candidates for the 2024 presidential elections, will also speak.

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