The Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron Opens Up About His Breakup With Paige Lorenze

After dating for a few weeks, The Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron and his previous girlfriend Paige Lorenze have gone in different directions. Tyler Cameron recently dated model Camila Kendra before getting involved with Paige Lorenze. Confirming their split, Tyler Cameron said on Monday’s episode of E! Daily Pop’s. Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze started dating in mid-July. However, after three weeks of dating, the couple went in different directions.

In fact, even 24-year-old former ski racer Paige Lorenze confirmed to Page Six that their breakup was amicable. Paige Lorenze is currently focusing on herself after making “huge changes in the life of her partner in the past”. Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze met at a bar in New York City and one thing led to another. Rumors that they were a couple began to circulate in June of this year. The couple confirmed their relationship when Paige Lorenze shared a TikTok video of Tyler Cameron helping her plan dinner.

Tyler cameron and paige lorenze

Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron and his girlfriend Paige Lorenze have split just three weeks after opening up to the public about their romance. We needed to take a step back. It was not the ideal opportunity. It wasn’t the right time, Tyler Cameron, 29, reported on E’s! Monday of ‘Day by day Pop’. In this sense, we go back to not going out anymore, simply to do what we feel like doing at the moment. In any case, we both have a lot of respect and love for each other, he added. Paige Lorenze, 24, echoes that the relationship ended on a good note in statements to Page Six.

Tyler Cameron
The Bachelorette's Tyler Cameron Opens Up About His Breakup With Paige Lorenze

Actually, I’m single. There was no emotional part or ill will between us, he shares. I am more focused on my career than at any other time, and my need must be my clothing brand and my profession, and that will hopefully be in New York right now. In general, I have made such big changes in the lives of my partners before, but right now, focusing on me is where I am. It feels so much better to finally be okay with being narrow-minded and putting myself and my future first. Truly invigorated for what is to come!

On July 31, the now-former couple even made their relationship official on Instagram after the social media star recorded their dating cruise in their local Massachusetts. At the time, Tyler discussed how ‘amazing’ and ‘special’ Paige Lorenze is and how they are learning some significant insights from each other. She admitted that she’s constantly rushed things, including hookups, but is currently quietly discovering that she’s “okay to dial back,” particularly when it comes to her love life. Tyler Cameron had previously dated Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Gigi Hadid. Meanwhile, Paige Lorenze recently hooked up with Armie Hammer and country artist Morgan Wallen.

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