‘The 700 Club’ Host Pat Robertson Resigns After 54 Years

Christian Broadcasting Network said Friday. That Pat Robertson, who transformed a small Virginia TV channel into a world evangelical broadcast station. He resigns after so much half a century of hosting the “Club 700” in the daily programming.

In a statement, Pat Robertson, 91, said he hosted the network’s flagship show. Again for the last time on Friday, and also that his son Gordon Robertson will continue on the daily program from Monday.

“After, I think, 54 years of hosting the show. I will no longer be just the presenter of the ‘Club 700’”. Robertson announced the program on Friday. But he promised to return if he had a “revelation” he wanted to share.

700 club talk show

After purchasing a UHF television network in Portsmouth, Virginia, Robertson’s Christian television network originally aired on October 1, 1961. The “700 Club” first aired in 1966.

CBN, which is now in Virginia Beach. He claims his television and video preaching, internet outreach and prayer centers cover more than 100 nations. And regions in several languages. The discussion program “700 Club” is shown in almost all areas of the network on the USA.

Pat Robertson
'The 700 Club' Host Pat Robertson Resigns After 54 Years

Pat Robertson also created the Christian Coalition, which pushed American conservatives to become a politically conservative force. During the time he campaigned for the presidency in 1988.

Pat Robertson’s journey as host of the 700 Club

Robertson got into a lot of trouble as host of “The 700 Club” due to his on-air remarks. In 2005, he advocated the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. He and he urged the residents of a small Pennsylvania community not to be in shock if calamity strikes. Because they elected school administrators who supported “intelligent design” education.

Robertson, on the other hand, has advocated for the abolition of mandatory jail sentences for marijuana possession offenses. He later states in “The 700 Club” that marijuana should be legal. And given the same treatment as alcohol since the state’s war on drugs has failed.

Gordon Robertson, Robertson’s son, took over as CEO of CBN in December 2007. Robertson remains the channel’s president and continues to host “The 700 Club”.

Robertson will continue to appear on The 700 Club in an attractive monthly edition and “sometimes when circumstances demand it,” according to the network.

“His influence and the inspiration of his devotional life will continue to guide the 700 Club for years to come,” said Gordon Robertson. In fact, he is a man of great dedication and everyone is inspired by him.

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