Tekken 8 release date, roster, trailer and everything you need to know

Tekken, the popular fighting game franchise, is releasing hints one after another for its next release which is Tekken 8. Players have been waiting for this version of Tekken game. They are very interested to know about the latest version. So is Tekken 8 coming soon? Well here are all the updates.

Read on to know more about Tekken 8 and all its latest updates.

Does Tekken 8 have a release date?

Tekken 8 trailer arrived at EVO 2022. Post that game lovers have been eagerly waiting to get the game to play. But did we get any release date for the game? Well unfortunately not! We didn’t have a release date for the game and that could be for any number of reasons.

Tekken 8 is currently in development, which indicates that we can’t have the game that soon. In addition, EVO 2022 gave the entire release date of the games that would arrive soon. So we may not have Tekken 8 with a release date any time soon. So expect the game next year or in 2024.

Is there any trailer for Tekken 8 and what is the gameplay??

The Tekken 8 trailer has arrived, but with very few clues as to what the next game could be. The trailer actually hinted at the gameplay of the fighting game. Where the main characters are Jin Kazama and his father Kazuya Mishima.

Also, with Jin’s lines saying “People like us shouldn’t exist”. We know a little more about the story. So we know that Jin and Kazuya’s gene that they inherited is something that Jin talks about. But you have Jin having control over that evil gene. Some movements in the trailer hint at what the latest edition of the game has in store for us.

Tekken 8 list and where to play the game?

For now, we have no idea of ​​the list, but we have Jin and Kazuya as the protagonists of the game. Also, looking at the previous edition of the game. We saw Leroy, Katarina, and more in the game. So we may get some of them back this time too. But that is not certain as of now.

Also, you must be curious to know where Tekken 8 can be played after its release. It would then be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You may not have this to play on PS4. Also, it will not be available on mobile devices either.

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