Taylor Swift tweets that her ‘Red’ album re-release will be on November 12

If Taylor Swift has taught us many things. One of them is to always be prepared for any given announcement at any time of the day. That’s how it works, we didn’t make the rules. With this, we are going to give our latest news about the upcoming re-recorded album ‘Red’.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ Album Release Date

Last month, Taylor Swift announced that her album ‘Red’ will be released on November 19. But on Thursday she tweeted that it will be released a week early, on November 12. Taylor Swift tweeted to share with fans, “I have news that I think you’re going to like it – my version of Red is out a week early (including all 4 vinyl) on November 12th! celebrate the 13th with you and our new/old fall angst album.”

There will be 30 songs on the album. One of them has a duration of 10 minutes which is “All too good”.

Fans have already found out what this could all mean, assuming a music video for “All too well” will be released on November 13. Not only does this date match Taylor’s coveted number 13 much better. But the album immediately became a trend on Twitter along with ‘Adele’, as many fans were convinced that Taylor moved up her date after learning that Adele’s highly anticipated album would be released on November 19.

TikTok Reactions on the Album

Even other celebrities also tweeted about Taylor Swift’s new album. Another theory involves another musical artist, all thanks to these top tips from tik tok. As fans noted similarities to Taylor’s infamous ‘glitch’ on her “Wildest Dreams” TikTok, as well as Nick Jonas’ recent TikTok video. In his follow-up video, Nick responded to fans who asked why the edit was so terrible. To which he devoured a slice of pizza with Taylor’s hit “me” playing in the background. Taylor then commented on the video by writing iconic with a pizza emoji.

taylor swift red
Taylor Swift tweets that her 'Red' album re-release will be on November 12

“In the land of heartbreak, moments of strength, independence, and carefree rebellion are intricately intertwined with pain, crippling vulnerability, and hopelessness.”

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