Talyn and Tish TikTok controversy explained when birthday party went viral

TikTok stars Talyn and Tish have gained massive popularity on social media as a result of a video of the latter’s birthday celebration going viral. Since then, users online have claimed that Talyn attacked Tish after the party mishap involving Tish. Since then, the two women have provided an account of what happened on social media.

Both women were shown having fun at Tish’s birthday party.

Both women were shown having fun at Tish’s birthday party in a now-deleted video from a recent yacht party. In an extended version of the film, viewers could see Tish fall over the edge of the boat. Tish was being rescued by friends of the influencer when Talyn was seen patting Tish’s butt.

The internet was shocked by what happened between Talyn and Tish

What happened between Talyn and Tish shocked the online community. Reddit users flooded the site, accusing Talyn of sexually harassing them. Both social media influencers have since used their individual online platforms to respond to the allegations. Following the couple’s tremendous success on social media, Tish used her TikTok account to respond to Talyn’s accusers. “To Talyn, this was not fair and I’m sorry it went this far,” she said in the caption.

Talyn clearly sees Tish stumble

“I was trying to understand everything that I was seeing being sped up and being shoved in my face,” he continued. Talyn clearly sees me stumble. It was unfair to her for this to blow up the way she did. I owe you the greatest apology for that.
Tish also addressed the situation on Instagram. She claimed that she suffered from PTSD as a result of the dispute and she stated on her Instagram story that she did not believe she was sexually assaulted.

As a former SA, Tish stated, “It’s a serious accusation to make against someone. On my birthday I was very drunk, flirty and having a great time. Before she could figure it out, the internet took what they saw in the video and called it SA. Although I don’t think it was SA, I am aware of how unsettled I am.

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