Taliban will not allow Afghans to go to Kabul airport to be evacuated, says spokesman

The Taliban told everyone Tuesday that they will not allow Afghan citizens to leave Afghanistan. The group opposes any evacuation or extension of flights. This statement came just a week before the evacuation of the nationals by the US and other nations. In a press conference, Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman, said that the Taliban is not in favor of citizens leaving.

“They [the Americans] they have the opportunity, they have all the resources, they can take all the people who belong to them but we are not going to allow the Afghans to leave and we will not extend the deadline,” said the Spokesman. The Taliban also say that the evacuation of Afghans by other countries will be a violation of the rules. after 31St. August, any evacuation will go against the promise of the Biden administration. The promise was to end the US military mission in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have closed all airports and international departures. According to the Taliban, the locals of Afghanistan will only make the airports more crowded. The airport is a no-go zone for locals. Foreign people can use the airport and leave the country as soon as possible. The US president has previously said that he will extend the departure date beyond 31St. of August. Joe Biden, the president will address the nation and the evacuation team on Tuesday. On Tuesday he will attend an emergency meeting of the G-7.

Taliban will not allow Afghans to go to Kabul airport to be evacuated, says spokesman

John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, told reporters Tuesday that no change to the evacuation schedule is provided. Kirby told reporters, “We remain committed to getting each and every American out there who wants to leave out and we still certainly believe that now that we’ve been able to increase capacity and flow, we believe we have the capacity, the capacity to get the fact at the end of the month.”

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told a news conference that evacuation activities were supposed to end on August 31. The Army has evacuated 58,700 Americans so far. According to reports, there are still thousands of Americans waiting to be evacuated from Afghanistan. 50,000 US troops are on the ground helping foreigners in Kabul. Afghans moving to the US will live at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, Fort Bliss in Texas or Fort Lee in Virginia. 200 planes are currently in Kabul, evacuating.

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