Taliban prevent Afghans from reaching Kabul airport, fail to fulfill their obligations

Afghanistan is a landlocked country at the crossroads of Central and South Asia. The capital of the country is Kabul. Recently, the current situation in the country is dire. Because a Taliban group enters Afghanistan and captures several cities and the main one is Kabul. In the Pashtun language, the word Taliban means students. The Taliban is a Sunni fundamentalist organization that is enmeshed in Afghan politics after 20 years. The reason why currently the elected government has been resigned only by the Taliban. In addition, it is also a military group and has more than 85,000 members. The recent leader of the Taliban is Hibatullah Akhundzada.

Taliban prevent Afghans from reaching Kabul airport, fail to fulfill their obligations

The Taliban supported Sharia law

The Taliban supported Sharia law very strictly and those who do not follow it, receive strict punishment from them. The law includes public executions for convicted murderers and adulterers and amputations for those guilty of theft. It is mandatory for men to grow beards and women had to wear the all-covering burqa all the time and would not go out without any limbs.
And also the organization also prohibited television, music and cinema, and resisted girls aged 10 and above from going to school. They were convicted of various cultural and human rights abuses.

The Taliban block the Afghans

In addition to this, the citizens of Afghanistan are worried and have been trying to leave the country. But the Taliban are reportedly preventing Afghans from entering Kabul International Airport to flee the country. And breaking its obligations to the US, said a Biden administration official. The citizen wants freedom and wants to leave the country, but the Taliban didn’t let him either.
As a result, the US military in Kabul and a team in Qatar they are developing the talks with clarity to the Taliban to make it clear. And allow the citizens of America and all third countries who wish to leave without any torture and safely. The incidents and images of the last few days have been heartbreaking for all of us. The airport is full of Afghan citizens and the plans were overcrowded. Meanwhile, the Taliban started an open fire at the airport.

Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Mitt Romney (R-UT) plead with the US not to forget the journalists and support staff still in Afghanistan. And more than 200 of them with their families are likely to seek evacuation.
And the return to the Taliban government ends almost 20 years of presence in the country of a coalition led by the United States. At this time, the country and its citizens seek peace, hope that they will soon achieve it.

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