SZA to join forces with Doja Cat again for long-awaited song ‘Shirt’

SZA teases upcoming single Shirt/Bloodstain featuring Doja Cat while performing at Wireless Fest in London over the weekend.

Here is everything you need to know.

SZA To Collaborate With Doja Cat For Another Single

SZA clearly knows how to keep her fans entertained as they wait for the rapper to drop her second album.

While performing at a show, CTRL took to the stage to introduce their highly anticipated single, Shirt/Bloodstain, which will also feature Doja Cat.

SZA teased the crowd as she asked, ‘The hint is that we already have a song together. His name starts with a D.’

She further increased the crowd reaction while performing at the Mad Cool Festival last night.

The musician gave an obvious hint to the roaring crowd: “Do you want to know a secret? Y’all want to know who’s in this song? It will be like our secret, right? The clue is that we already have a song together. His name starts with a ‘D’ and rhymes with Soulja.’

SZA previously teamed up with Doja on her hit single Kiss Me More last year.

The iconic duo took home the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

While accepting their first Grammy together, the Planet Her singer told SZA: ‘You are everything to me. You are amazing. You are the epitome of talent. You are a lyricist. You’re everything.’

SZA suggests a unique new jersey in 2020

SZA first teased her upcoming song Shirt in late 2020, when she shared a portion of the song on her Instagram story.

Additionally, he posted a snippet of the song to his TikTok account which, unsurprisingly, took over the platform in no time.

The song went viral after users submitted it in a dance challenge on the site.

Additionally, it includes a clip of their upcoming song in the last seconds of their Good Days music video.

In the clip, SZA is seen pole dancing to the unreleased song.

Also, during her 360-degree In Bloom performance for Gray Goose, the singer gave a one-minute sneak peek of her new song.

She sings, ‘Bloodstain on my shirt/ New bh on myNervous’, SZA sings on the song. “Old na curved / Going back on my word / Damn, bh, you’re like thirty.”

SZA continues, “Stealing all my courage/Still questioning my affection/Letting it all be in my mind/Made me seem so desperate.”

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