Starbucks red cups are back and so is the first vegan Christmas drink on the menu

The holiday season is underway, and without Starbucks red cups, it’s incomplete. This year Starbucks cups are more cheerful than ever. The drinks are available in completely vegan form for the first time.

What’s new in Starbucks cups?

Starting Thursday, Customers can sip hot beverages from four new holiday cups that are wrapped like gifts. The press release also mentions that the cups come from true inspiration. Inspiration came from traditional Christmas motifs such as wrapping paper, ribbons on a gift box, Christmas lights, and candy.

Suzzie Reecer, Creative Associate at Starbucks, said, “This season, we wanted something creative and magical. The gifts we prepare for our clients are warm and inclusive.” This year, the iced cookie almond latte is a non-dairy beverage. The drink is a mixture of sugar-flavored cookie syrup, espresso, and almond milk. The mixture is shaken well with ice and then served to customers. This drink was in demand since last year. Sales rose as much as 75% in the previous quarter.

starbucks cups
New Christmas menu and Starbucks cups. Credit: Starbucks

For the new celebration, drink Truffle Deluxe hot chocolate. It’s a major twist for the holiday season. Starbucks original favorites handcrafted Gingerbread Latte and Toffee Nut Latte were the most popular beverages last season. These drinks are back but with a twist. These drinks are available in a vegan format.

There are four new Starbucks drinks available. These drinks are wrapped in a ribbon. Each mug will have a gift tag: use lilac in addition to previous years mug colors. The cups are usually red, white and green. These mugs are wrapped in geometric patterns of circles, glitter, and sparkles. The ribbon cup features a white and lilac background. All mugs are decorated in different ways and written in bold with the format “Starbucks”. Inside each of these festive cups, there will be drinks. The drinks are so delicious. Starbucks is giving generous gifts to all of its customers this season.

The return of traditional drinks

Traditional drinks include peppermint mocha, caramel Brulee latte and toasted white chocolate mocha. Starbucks is also adding reindeer cake and some delicious sweet treats, including snowman cookies and sugar plum danish.

The annual celebration has become traditional. This celebration causes expectation among loyal customers.

starbucks cups
Starbucks red cups are back and so is the first vegan Christmas drink on the menu

What is Starbucks?

Starbucks is an American coffee company. This company originated in 1997. The company made headlines when the company came into controversy. The company was in dispute in 2015. Starbucks recalled the holiday cups, making this company headline news. Starbucks is back in the news due to increased demand for holiday cups.

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