Spencer Pratt Net Worth – Earnings And Career Of Tv Personality Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt is a popular reality star from the United States. He was born in Los Angeles, California on August 14, 1983. Let’s see his achievements in his career.

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In 2005, he first appeared on the screen in a short series – The Princes of Malibu. He was also an executive director on this series. After this, he was also seen in a mtv show– “The Hills”.

“The Hills” stayed on the air until 2010 and Spencer began dating Heidi Montag, her co-star. The show became very popular with the audience. Now, in 2021, a second season of “The Hills” will premiere.

Spencer helped Montag establish his career. He helped her on her debut album “Body language” and also directed her single “Higher”. Spencer also received the ‘Greatest Reality Villain’ award according to the Yahoo poll.

Between 2017 and 2019, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag participated twice in the reality show “Big Brothers”. They became very popular with the audience.

Spencer Pratt Net worth

Spencer Pratt’s net worth is estimated at $300 thousand. He previously revealed that the combined earnings of the couple, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, were $10 million when their career was at its peak.

In addition, he is very active on social networks. He has around 497k followers on Instagram. He regularly posts on the page about his daily routine activities. So, the audience stays connected.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag
Spencer Pratt Net Worth – Earnings And Career Of Tv Personality Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt Personal life

Spencer Pratt married Heidi Montag on April 25, 2009, at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pesadena. MTV cameras recorded the entire celebration and around 200 guests attended the wedding ceremony.

Later, their marriage was featured on MTV in the tenth episode of “The Hills.” The couple did another reality show together, that is, ‘I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here!’

Both spent a large amount of their earnings on Montag’s plastic surgery. And in 2010, she appeared in front of everyone to show off his new look after undergoing 10 plastic surgeries in one day.

The couple has been blessed with a son and are now trying to have another baby. The couple has become very popular with the audience. They return with a new season of “The Hills”. Are you excited about that?

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