Soulja Boy responds to Teddy Riley’s interview by apologizing for Nia Riley’s abuse

Soulja Boy addressed the recent release of VladTV’s interview with Teddy Riley during which the singer reportedly called him to apologize for the alleged abuse of his daughter, Nia Riley. In an Instagram update, Soulja Boy referred to Vlad as “the police” and stated that an interview with Teddy Riley “has nothing to do with his problems.” You can leave each of the interviews you want, speaking on my behalf. … Stop bringing Teddy Riley into this, said DJ Vlad, Soulja Boy, who also stated that he is ‘still popular’ and ‘still number one’. It has nothing to do with this.

In the referenced interview, Teddy Riley was asked to explain what the alleged abuse meant to him as a father. As recently revealed, Nia Riley spoke with Tasha K in March of last year and detailed multiple examples of alleged abuse by the rapper, including pointing a gun at his head. Soulja Boy and Vlad, meanwhile, have been going back and forth on social media lately. Most recently, the rapper gave Vlad a reaction saying that he gave him what turned out to be the “biggest interview” of his career.

Teddy Riley confronts rapper Soulja for allegedly abusing his daughter

Teddy Riley has spoken out about Soulja Boy allegedly abusing his daughter Nia Riley. On Tuesday, September 27, Teddy Riley, 54, sat down with VladTV and discussed Nia Riley’s 2019 relationship with artist Soulja Boy. The acclaimed record producer was candid about the episode and admitted that he confronted Soulja Boy driving the rapper to apologize to him. Also, Riley took the time during the interview to call Soulja Boy to apologize to his girl.

Soulja Boy knows who I am, he said. Besides, he knows I’m very deep. We had an altercation. I got called a lot of names and got an apology, said the creator of New Jack Swing. I am seeking an apology for how he has treated you, my girl. I’m looking for that. As a man, I’m looking for that. Besides, I think he deserves it. … Here’s someone who really supported him, did the show for him, as he thought this was going to happen and it would be them. As Teddy Riley explained, a real man would apologize. If you don’t, you reap what you sow, Teddy said.

In March 2021, Nia Riley sat down with the Unwine with Tasha K podcast to give details about her relationship with Soulja Boy. Nia Riley claimed that the rapper posted nude photos of her and verbally and physically abused her when he was not engaging in sex. She also revealed that the rapper held a gun to her head during an argument and claimed that she “kicked her in the stomach while she was pregnant, causing a miscarriage.”

Soulja Boy responds to the interview given by Teddy Riley

Soulja Boy has addressed VladTV’s interview with Teddy Riley, during which the artist opened up about his daughter Nia Riley’s previous relationship with the rapper. In the recently released interview, Teddy Riley called Soulja Boy to apologize for allegedly abusing Nia Riley. She claimed that he verbally and physically attacked her during her almost long-term relationship before her split in 2019.

Soulja Boy took to Instagram Live to call out DJ Vlad, referring to him as “the police” and stating that he’s angry the rapper “exposed” him. You can leave each of the interviews you want, speaking on my behalf. … Stop bringing Teddy Riley into this, DJ Vlad, the rapper said. He has nothing to do with this. Furthermore, he claimed that Teddy Riley never contacted me and denied any real fight, stating that they spoke on the phone.

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