Snapchat: Explaining the meaning of S/U Viral Slang

Snapchat is witnessing a unique S/U acronym in its stories that is confusing many users with its meaning. Well, there have been several of these acronyms and even slang that have gone viral on different social media platforms. Although if you don’t know about S / U and its meaning either. So here is everything you need to know about it.

Read on to learn more about how S/U is going viral on Snapchat.

Snapchat gets a viral S/U acronym

Just like TikTok, we even have a lot of Snapchat users. As millions of users love to use the app for its features. However, lately there have been stories on the app with a new acronym like S/U. Which is making many users use it. While many of them are still trying to figure out its meaning.

Not forgetting that the trend of using jargon and acronyms has gained immense popularity on social media. Because of this, there are numerous acronyms and jargon available that can confuse you. But what does S/U mean? Here you have everything you need to know about its meaning.

Snapchat S/U
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What is the meaning of S/U on Snapchat?

The acronym S/U that finds its popularity on Snapchat basically stands for “Swipe Up.” You may have seen this a lot, especially being used by social media influencers. As of now, it is being used with Snapchat stories. But you might be confused about what it means on Snapchat.

Well, swipe up simply means that there is a link available for the video. That will display the full story. Therefore, this acronym is becoming immensely popular among Snapchat stories. So, you can also try this acronym while posting some stories on Snapchat next time.

Some changes in Snapchat

Just like any other social media app, we can see Snapchat making updates and additions as well. As on previous occasions, it introduced Snapchat Plus for interested users. This addition has some more features for which one must subscribe to Snapchat Plus.

So if you want to subscribe to Snapchat Plus, you can visit your profile and choose the Snapchat+ banner card. From there you can have your subscription even for a free trial of 7 days. As you will get per monthly subscription for $3.99 USD. While the 6-month subscription costs $21.99 USD. However, the one-year subscription is available for $39.99 USD.

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