Sidemen Charity Match 2022: everything you need to know

Sidemen, the British YouTube group is hosting its annual charity event this year. The group started their charity in 2016. He posts that the group continued to do the noble event. While this year it’s going to be a football match against other YouTube groups. So when will the charity event take place?

Read on to know more about Sidemen Charity Match 2022 and all its latest updates.

Sidemen Charity Match 2022 dates and venue

Everything for the Sidemen Charity Match 2022 has been planned. As this is the YouTube group’s comeback event after the pandemic. But luckily, we have the dates announced for the football game that will take place this year. As we are going to have the event only this month.

So expect the charity football event to take place on September 24. The last two Sidemen events took place at The Valley Stadium in London. So, again we will have the football game in the same place.

Teams that will participate in Sidemen Charity Match 2022

According to the Sidemen post, we have the two squad lineups to go around. On the one hand we will have Sidemen FC. While the other side would be the YouTube Allstars. So under Sidemen FC, expect to see KSI, W2S, Zerkaa, Vickstar, TBJZL, Behzinga, Miniminter, MrBeast, Karl Jacobs, ChrisMD, Pieface, JME, Lazarbeam, Manny, Rudolph, Callux, and Calfreezy.

Also on the YouTube Allstars side will be Niko Omilana, Yung Filly, Cal The Dragon, Will Ne, Harry Pinero, Chris Tyson, iShowSpeed, Noah Beck, Deji, Theo Baker, Chunkz, JiDion, Castro, AnEsonGib, Chandler. , Danny Arons and Georgenotfound.

Ticket details and where to watch Sidemen Charity Match 2022?

For all those who are interested in watching the charity football match at the stadium. You can now get your tickets as they are on sale. The ticket price in the Sidemen post was listed as starting at £13.80. The demand for tickets is increasing.

In the meantime, because seats are limited for the charity event. Some of the fans may have to watch the event at home. So, you can tune in to the live stream of the event and watch it. Therefore, do not stop watching the event and see who wins.

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