Shane Dawson glad he was ‘cancelled’ in 2020

American YouTuber Shane Dawson created quite a stir on the internet when faced with the cancellation, however he has now said that he is happy about it. However, in 2020, YouTuber Dawson was in the spotlight for one controversy or another. Which ultimately affected his career. But what has he said about it now?

Read on to find out more about Shane Dawson, who is glad he was written off.

A little about Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber whose full name is Shane Lee Yaw. His YouTube journey began in the year 2008. Eventually, by 2010 he had a lot of fans of his. His videos were mostly sketch comedies. He would also impersonate different celebrities, including shining a light on the world of entertainment.

However, aside from being a popular YouTuber. He has also been in several controversies. His racial comedy was highly criticized by others. Which seriously affected his career to the extent that he was canceled on the internet. However, he has now recently reacted.

Shane Dawson reacts to the cancellation

However, after being canceled due to various controversies. Shane is finally back to creating content. While he is also active on his Shane and Friends podcast. Aside from that, he is also seen on other podcasts. Recently, in one of the podcasts, he even shared his views on the cancellation.

It was on August 1st on the Perez Hilton podcast that Shane Dawson shared what he experienced in the post of his life when it was cancelled. Like he said he’s glad he had a cancellation. How he helped him in his life. The cancellation made him think hard about himself and what he cares about and what he doesn’t. He was happy to post the cancellation of it.

Shane Dawson controversies

While the racial comedy and his “N” word comments led to controversies. His black face was often another reason he faced criticism. Not only that, there were many other cases where the YouTuber was on netizens’ radar. Which eventually affected his career.

Another controversy came in 2018 when his comments on the 2013 Shane and Friends podcast about pedophilia came into the spotlight. Which was later in another controversy that also involved his cat. Don’t miss it, all of these seriously damaged his image among his fans.

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