Serena Williams missed Wimbledon event amid courtesy car controversy

New speculation has surfaced after Serena Williams decided to miss out on a big Wimbledon event this week.

Here is everything you need to know.

Why did Serena Williams turn down the Wimbledon event?

Wimbledon hosted a Centenary celebration, marking 100 years of the Center Court location last Sunday.

Roger Federer, who missed the tournament due to a knee injury, flew into the event and was joined by champions Rod Laver, Billie Jean King and Rafael Nadal.

In addition, the organizers of the All England Club kept their fingers crossed that the 23-time Grand Slam champion was attending the ceremony.

Regardless, according to the new controversy, Williams was “disappointed” by the courtesy car allocation at the Grand Slam.

Serena Williams
Jaguar Land Rover United Kingdom

According to reports from The Telegraph in the UK, Williams asked the organizers for five courtesy cars, one for herself, her husband, sister, mother and trainer.

Wimbledon normally only allocates one car for each player, however some players are provided with another car for their coach.

Federer is speculated to be among the rare athletes allowed to use five cars when competing.

Regardless, according to the outlet, Williams’ request was denied.

Additionally, the tennis icon reportedly asked Wimbledon officials to keep courtesy cars longer despite their usual rule of returning within 24 hours after the tournament.

A source told the Telegraph: “She wanted to use the cars for the full two weeks because that’s what happens at the other Grand Slams.”

They added: “They told him that was not possible because they had to be used by the other players.” She was not happy. Maybe that’s why she refused to participate in the centenary parade.

Users react to the controversial snub of Serena Williams

The conspicuous absence of Serena Williams from the Wimbledon celebration sparked a heated debate on social media.

Few of the tennis fans told the athlete that she could have rented the cars instead of missing out on the event.

One user said: ‘What a brat. As if he didn’t have money to buy cars for his entourage?

Another added: ‘I could have bought or at least rented them. She and her husband are millionaires.

Another fan wrote: ‘The way Serena skipped celebrating center court for a Rolling Stones concert. I just can’t with her.

Although the icon has yet to comment on his alleged dispute with Wimbledon officials, a spokesperson spoke to Yahoo Sports about it.

They stated, ‘we [Wimbledon] we have complied with all transportation requests we receive.’

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