SEE: Vape shop owner defends himself by stabbing a thief Viral video

The internet is spreading a video in which a Las Vegas Vape shop owner can be seen protecting himself with a knife from two robbers while stabbing one of them. To be sure, shoplifting is often reported these days. However, recent videos of this Vape shop owner show how he fought with the crooks.

Read on to learn more about the images of the Vape shop owner going viral when he stabs a thief to protect himself.

Thieves tried to rob a Vape shop in Las Vegas

You may have heard several times about shoplifting. Well, that’s what happened Wednesday with vape shop owner Johnny Nguyen, too. He was at his counter working when two men wearing a black mask approached his counter. While Nguyen asked them why they were wearing a mask. He later told them to go away as well.

However, one of them chose his tip jar. But when they came back for more, that’s when things started to get troublesome for Nguyen. When one of the thieves sided with Nguyen to pick things off the shelf. He took his knife and stabbed the thief seven times. After which he called the ambulance and the police as well.

What did Nguyen say about the whole robbery incident?

Vape shop owner Johnny Nguyen shared all about the incident that took place around 3:25 p.m. on Wednesday. He went to tell everything that happened between him and the two thieves. When he even went to share how he was stabbed, the robber would say, “Please stop! I’m dead.” After which he fell to the ground.

The thief even asked Nguyen not to let him die. Nguyen shared that the thief apologized and took off his mask. Images of this robbery have gone viral on the Internet. While everyone is talking about this.

Nguyen said small business owners need to be vigilant

The attempted robbery at Nguyen’s Vape Shop was not the online incident that occurred at the time. Rather, a day earlier, one of the liquor store owners also made headlines when he shot a robber who entered his store with a rifle-like weapon.

However, after the incident, Nguyen said it was sacred to his life and that’s when he decided to take the knife and stab the thief. Although he has said that he would remain prepared to combat such a situation. In addition, he also said that small business owners like him need to stay vigilant. As his business is his livelihood.

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