SEE: San Rafael police officers beat a man with a beer can, shows video

On Friday, September 2, 2022, two San Rafael police officers were placed on paid administrative leave after body-camera footage revealed they had knocked a man to the ground and left him bloodied from a confrontation related to a traffic violation. open container. The episode reportedly occurred on July 27, 2022, after officers Daisy Mazariegos and Brandon Nail spotted a man with an open beer container on Windward Way. Following public objection to the cruel capture, an investigation has now been launched at the address of the two officials involved in the incident. The victim has reportedly been found not guilty.

An investigation is underway after questions about an open container of beer turned into a vicious takedown by San Rafael police officers, sending a man to the hospital and to court on some charges, including one felony resisting arrest. However, those charges have since been dropped and attention is now focused on the actions of those Marin County police officers. That man’s attorney and experts in the field told ABC7 News I-Team reporter Dan Noyes that this should not have happened. They say that those officials used excessive force and that something like one of them lied in his official report about the event. Along an industrial section of San Rafael’s Windward Way below power lines, just past the Canal District Community Garden, day workers gather after work to socialize, eat and drink.

Body camera footage shows San Rafael police officers beating a man with a beer can

On July 27, San Rafael police officer Daisy Mazariegos challenged three men who were drinking on Windward Way. The men recruited a famous Marin County gardener, who reportedly tried to explain that he and his co-workers regularly met in the neighborhood to drink beer and catch up after work. In that sense, the official Mazariegos asked them to leave the beer, before adding: They just walk around here drinking, do you think it’s fun? Then, at that point, he asked each of the three men to provide valid identification.

Not long after, San Rafael Police Officer Brandon Nail appeared on the scene. As the outfielder got up to reach into his pocket and pull out his ID, Officer Brandon Nail asked him to drop down. Regardless of attempting to cooperate, the groundskeeper was forced to stand up to reach his ID, at which point Officer Brandon Nail grabbed him and threw him to the ground, leaving the victim with a bloody face. Later, while describing the incident to a fellow officer, San Rafael Police Officer Brandon Nail stated that the victim tried to place him in a headlock.

Speaking about the episode, Charlie Dresow, the victim’s attorney, said they just grabbed the person, punched him and shoved his face into the gravel, not okay. His face ends up bloody, and he experienced a broken nose and fainting. The victim was taken to a local hospital and later charged with felony resisting arrest. However, those accusations have been excused, and currently the focus is on tracking down those San Rafael police officers.

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