SEE: Ludacris manager Chaka Zulu killed a man in self-defense Video

A video of Chaka Zulu has been circulating on social media and proves that he fired that fatal shot in self-defense.

Here is everything you need to know.

Chaka Zulu was struck before firing the fatal shot

Chaka Zulu is currently facing a murder charge in connection with a shooting in June.

TMZ recently obtained surveillance footage of the incident that took place outside Zulu’s Apt4B restaurant in Atlanta.

In the video, we can see a group of men making their way inside Apt4B. However, a couple of minutes later they leave the restaurant supposedly due to a confrontation.

Also, Zulu is seen getting into a heated argument with one of the men who were told to leave the place. He is identified as Tre’mon Robinson.

Also, while they were still arguing, a man named Corey Crawford retrieves an unspecified item from a vehicle.

Additionally, a source connected to the case revealed that Zulu’s legal team suspects that Crawford was looking for a weapon.

Shortly after, all hell breaks loose when Robinson’s chest hits Zulu. The clip shows Crawford and Benton beating up Ludacris’s old manager.

Later, we surmise that the shot may have sounded as smoke is seen coming from Zulu’s gun. It appears that Zulu fired the first shot and hit Benton in the chest. He died from his injuries.

However, a little later smoke is seen coming from Crawford’s gun. According to reports, he fired several shots, one of which hit Zulu in the back.

Chaka Zulu faces murder charges

Chaka Zulu, whose legal name is Ahmed Obafemi, turned himself in at the Fulton County Jail on September 13. He was released on bail the same day.

Gabe Banks, an attorney for a music executive, issued a statement sharing his disappointment in the APD’s decision to press charges against Zulu.

Banks said the evidence clearly indicates that Zulu “was forced to defend himself” when he was attacked by four people in the June incident.

He further wrote: ‘In an attempt to save his life, Mr. Zulu lawfully discharged his gun in self-defense; a weapon that he is licensed to carry.

Additionally, Banks stated that Zulu “remains confident that his name will be cleared of all charges through the court process.”

Meanwhile, Zulu has been manager of Ludacris since the 1990s. Additionally, the duo co-founded Disturbing Tha Peace Records.

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