SEE: Lea Michele officially joins TikTok and recreates viral video of ‘Funny Girl’

TikTok has another star user in Lea Michele when she joins the app with a viral “Funny Girl” video. Over the years, TikTok has also found fame among celebrities. As more and more celebrities join the app and try the viral trends and challenges on the app. Hopefully this time we have Lea Michele on the platform.

Read on to find out more about Lea Michele joining TikTok with a viral Funny Girl video.

Lea Michele joins TikTok

TikTok and its viral trends are popular with everyone. While millions and millions of users join the app. We’ve also had a lot of big names join the platform. As the app serves as a great platform to connect and enjoy with people.

Similarly, actress Lea Michele recently joined TikTok as well. The first video of her on the app is becoming immensely popular. As she did a video for the musical Funny Girl. That has 3 million views in less than 24 hours on the video. While his followers have grown to be more than 120k followers. While the video is going incredibly viral among others.

@leamichele #duo with @javirod305 #funnygirl ♬ som original – daniel beoni

What makes Lea Michele’s Funny Girl video go viral on TikTok?

Lea Michele plays Fanny Brice on Broadway’s Funny Girl. As she is on a break from her role in the musical. She recently joined TikTok and made her first video on the app on September 17. Where he did a duet with another user javirod305. That had the hit song “Don’t Rain In My Parade.”

In Michele’s video, she could be seen recreating the movements from the javirod video. Along with that, she was also lip syncing to the song in that video with a hairbrush. Her making it incredibly popular on the app as she is drawing everyone’s attention.

User reaction when Lea Michele joined TikTok

No doubt fans love to see any celebrity join TikTok. As users, you can not only watch the videos of celebrities, but also have the opportunity to have duets or collaborations on the app. Meanwhile, Lea Michele has recently joined the app. Her fans were really happy to see her on the app.

Also, Lea’s video had the caption “Clearly can’t wait to get back to @funnygrlbwy next week.” Her fans are super excited to see her back in Broadway music. In addition, she will also have the videos of her posting on TikTok from now on.

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