SEE: Blueface attacks Chrisean Rock’s father while visiting his family in viral video

Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship continues to spiral downhill, and as of late, it appears the former has reportedly knocked out Chrisean Rock’s father. Since then, the video has gone viral on all social media platforms. Today, famous media house TheShadeRoom released a video showing the rapper having a heated altercation with some members of Chrisean Rock’s family. Although the video did not show that the Los Angeles musician had problems with the father of his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock took to his official Instagram account to confirm the speculation.

Last month, Chrisean Rock was arrested after getting into a fight with rapper “Thotiana” at a saloon in Arizona. The day after Chrisean was released, Blueface posted a video of the young artist rubbing his feet on a private jet. The two promised not to cause any trouble following the 22-year-old’s recent arrest, however, things took a turn on Friday, September 16 when Blueface met with Chrisean Rock’s family. The video shows the Los Angeles rapper getting into a heated fight with some of her family members. However, it was unclear who the Blueface problem was with until Chrisean Rock took to social media to share tidbits from the episode.

Chrisean Rock’s boyfriend Blueface allegedly knocked out his father in viral video

The video shows Los Angeles rapper Blueface getting into a heated fight with some members of Chrisean Rock’s family. However, it was unclear who the Blueface problem was with until Chrisean Rock went online to share the subtleties of the deed. ‘So my boyfriend knocked out my dad, he composed. Family things did not go well. INO even knows what’s going on. Shortly after the dispute, one of Chrisean’s relatives called her on social media and invited her to come fight. Chrisean, you really are green like all of you in some strange*s

*, the relative wrote.

The unidentified relative proceeded, ‘COME FACE ME! and, f*** all of you, you don’t need names, everyone knows exactly who all of you are! Blueface has yet to address said event, however fans saw television cameras moving throughout the feud. Rapper BRS Kash commented: ‘I wonder what episode this finna is on, I want to see this. The family feud comes just weeks after stars like GloRilla and DaniLeigh offered some helpful tidbits for the unpredictable couple. There are people more terrible than them. Just leave your parents alone, the “FNF” rapper shared. DaniLeigh, who had his own public domestic experience with him, shared that I just hope they stay safe, loved and joyful.

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