SEE: Blueface and Girlfriend Chrisean Rock Fight Video Goes Viral on the Internet

According to online footage that went viral, Chrisean Rock, the girlfriend of Thotiana artist Blueface (real name Jonathan Jamall Porter), was seen fighting Blueface. The two were shown in the video fighting on the streets of Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old rapper was punched in the face by Rock in the video. Porter then managed to put Rock on the ground before it appeared that he landed a punch on him. Subsequently, he also took over the Rock chain from that point on.

The stills also showed the two interacting after their argument by walking through the streets together.

What did Blueface say about his street fight with Chrisean Rock, his girlfriend?

The Los Angeles native made accusations about Chrisean Rock’s adultery on his Instagram stories. This information could have been one of the triggers for her altercation in front of the camera.

The rapper captured the video and showed that Chrisean Rock was okay following their altercation in a series of Instagram stories. Jonathan Jamall Porter downplayed the fact that Rock was the “Heavyweight Champion of the World”.

“You don’t know her,” he said.

A short time later, Blueface claimed that Chrisean Rock had cheated on him with two other boys and a prison guard. The 25-year-old offered Rock $100,000 on the video in exchange for his departure.

The rapper claimed that he had uncovered numerous pieces of information regarding his long-term on-and-off lover’s alleged infidelity. Furthermore, he claimed that he had discovered an explicit video that a man had sent him. Plus, “A buff guy who wants to be his bodyguard,” the Respect My Cryppin’ musician said.

Blueface concluded the videos with this statement, β€œShe is a good actress. I am planning for Christopher Rock to appear in movies.

According to TMZ, a witness reported the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department. However, Blueface and Chrisean Rock were not there when they arrived at the site.

According to a source from the Los Angeles Police Department, the confrontation is currently being investigated, and both the rapper and his girlfriend will be questioned as part of the investigation. The rapper’s most recent update as of now occurred on the morning of August 2.

Netizens respond to altercation between Chrisean Rock and Blueface

Numerous tweets mocked the incident after video of their fight went viral. In contrast, some responses emphasized the delicacy of the circumstance and emphasized how people joking about the tragedy deserved support.

Hate to be so dramatic, but Ion laughs at Blueface and Chrisean, one person commented. That’s the kind of obsession that kills people.

No one should compare Blueface and Chrisean to Ike and Tina or Whitney and Bobby, another commenter claimed.

Blueface allegedly claims that Chrisean’s deception with a prison office was the cause of the altercation. Break up please smh.

Additionally, Chrisean Rock was the subject of many of the tweets, implying that she deserved to be jailed. After she addressed the situation on her Instagram stories, the backlash against Rock’s role in the feud with the rapper seems to have gotten worse.

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