Security guard went viral on Tiktok after Cardi B grabbed his hair while performing at Wireless Festival

Cardi B has been one of those stars who always amuses and amazes everyone with her performance and acts like a TikToker has recently gone viral after Cardi B grabbed her hair at a festival. Yes, Cardi B and the TikToker had a short interaction where the singer touched the TikToker’s hair. Leaving the internet envious of TikToker now.

Read on to find out more about Cardi B grabbing TikTok’s hair while performing at a festival.

Cardi B had a brief interaction with a TikToker at a festival

Cardi B, aside from being an iconic music artist, has also been an amazing person. She is a fun-loving person who just doesn’t miss any chance to make everyone fall in love with her more and more. Well, that’s what happened when she had a very brief interaction with a TikToker during one of her festivals that she was performing at.

While Cardi was performing at the Wireless Festival in London. She went ahead to touch the hair of a security guard at the festival. Although her interaction with the security guard was very brief. However, she left the guard with a smile. The video of which has gone viral.

Tiktoker video is going viral on TikTok

Though the security guard whose hair Cardi touched hasn’t been active on TikTok before. Post Cardi’s interaction with him though, he’s been posting hilarious videos on TikTok. The security guard in the viral video is from the UK, where the festival took place.

@officialfletch_ Thanks for grabbing my hair Cardi 😂 #wirelessfestival #wireless #finsburypark #cardib #cardi #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – Officialfletch_

The viral TikToker video @Officialfetch_ has gone viral on TikTok. It has over 1.6 million views so far. While the video of him had a caption showing what a beautiful moment it has been for him as he wrote “Thanks for grabbing my hair Cardi.”

User reaction to viral TikToker video with Cardi B

The viral TikToker video has gone viral among TikTok users a lot. As they also loved the video. In fact, users could not help but comment on the video. One of the users said that he is jealous of the security guard.

While another user called out the security guard to be lucky enough to have such an interaction with Cardi B. One even said that if he had been in the security guard’s shoes, he wouldn’t have washed his hair forever.

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