Sara Al Madani Defends Wearing Afro Wig at Dancehall Party

Sara Al Madani is trying to shut down cultural appropriation comments in her recent new image from ‘The Real Housewives of Dubai’.

Here is everything you need to know.

Sara Al Madani defends her new style

Sara Al Madani defends her new look in which she wore an afro wig to Lesa Milan’s Jamaican dancehall themed party.

Al Madani insists that the hairstyle, seen in Wednesday night’s episode, is quite common among the Arab community.

She addressed the issue with Page Six exclusively, sharing, ‘I was worried about the look because some people might not accept it because of the culture. But the Afro thing exists in my culture.’

If you didn’t know, Al Madani is the only Emirati cast member on the reality show ‘The Real Housewives of Dubai’.

Furthermore, Al Madani added: ‘There are black people in my culture, there are Emiratis who have Afros and we have people of colour. So for us in the UAE, it’s very normal. But I was worried that other people around the world would see it differently.

The reality show star wore her wig with a long, colorful striped dress. She teamed them with a pair of red heels and gold jewelry.

Sarah Al Madani

Furthermore, Al Madani stated that he “loves all cultures and thrives” when he intersects with different ones.

She continued: ‘I feel like every time I travel and experience a new culture, I find a part of my soul. So… I loved it. I loved the look, go for that.’

The 33-year-old businesswoman went on to say: ‘I had a lot of fun. I love to dance.’

Designer Mina Roe Supports Sara Al Madani’s New Afro Wig

Following the incident, designer Mina Roe came to support Sara Al Madani’s new style.

She said in a confessional: ‘I’m really impressed. Everyone looks amazingly good.

She added: ‘Sara, with her big afro, and try not to let anyone come in with cultural appropriation, okay?’

Roe then noted: ‘Jamaica’s motto is ‘of many, one people.’ Arabs have Afros. I’m here in a fucking blonde wig. We’re fine, okay?

Regardless, Al Madani was impressed with Roe’s kind words as she joked that it was a “little” piece of positivity among the various comments made in confessionals in the final season.

Al Madani stated with a smile: ‘Did she really say something good about me? I am shocked. Was she really for me, or was it so people don’t judge her because I’m at her party?’

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