Sam Wilson as Captain America is now Twitter Official

With the new Captain America movie just around the corner, Anthony Mackie has stepped into the role and updated the official Twitter It has his photo and bio. Marvel Studios and its fandom have just officially announced that Sam Wilson (The Falcon) will be the new Captain America. Disney has released the latest episode of the series “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” changing just a few days before its name to “Captain America and The Winter Soldier” in the credits. Fans were filled with sadness because they thought that Sam will replace Steve in the new film, replacing the iconic “heartthrob” Chris Evans.

Marvel fans have watched the Marvel Cinematic Universe grow and expand into a box office powerhouse, eclipsing both the DC Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars franchise. That legacy has now been passed down to Anthony and Joe Russo, who will help bring another phase of the MCU to theaters. Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, is a superhero created by Marvel Comics.

Captain America

The name dates back to the 1940s and is named after Steve Rogers who volunteered for the Super Soldier Program. He took a serum called “Vita-Rays” designed by Dr. Abraham Erskine (the scientist who created the super soldier serum). He wanted the United States to have combat troops, so when the United States joined World War II, he tried to convince the American government to form a special force of soldiers.

Upcoming Marvel Studios projects are currently under the spotlight of the film industry. According to Variety, writers Malcolm Spellman (The Winter Soldier) and Dalan Musson (The Falcon) will pen the screenplay for Captain America 4. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds after this.

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