Rosario Dawson apparently confirms romance with Nnamdi Okafor

It appears that Rosario Dawson has moved on from Senator Cory Booker, whom she split with a few months ago.

Rosario appeared to confirm her recent engagement to Nigerian poet Nnamdi Okafor.

At the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, he recorded them riding on the back of a golf cart and uploaded it to Instagram.

After making goofy faces for the camera, Nnamdi is heard saying to Rosario, “I love you, baby.” I love you too, replied Rosario. Even Cory enjoyed the video.

Romance rumors between Rosario Dawson and Nnamdi first surfaced in June

After Nnamdi shared a photo of Rosario cuddling with him on her Instagram story in June, romantic speculation about the two began to circulate.

It is unknown when and where they met.

Rosario Dawson and Cory’s split was made public three months earlier.

Almost three years had passed since Rosario and Cory started dating.

The couple first connected at a political event in 2018 and declared their love in March 2019.

When Dawson was asked by TMZ photographers about her relationship with Booker at a Washington, DC airport, she replied, “So far so good. He is a nice person. It is beneficial to meet from time to time.

rosary dawson

Booker spoke candidly to The Washington Post about their friendship.

Booker told The Washington Post about their friendship that year. He said, “God, we talked for hours and hours that night. I struggled to get his phone number… I think I said something incredibly silly, like, “Uh, how would I contact you?” And she kindly said, “Oh, do you want my phone number?” And deep down, I was like, “Hell yeah!”

Rosario Dawson was interviewed by “Extra” and talked about the wonderful romantic gestures she made to him when they broke up. She also revealed her favorite nickname for him, saying, “I refer to him as Cab, but Cory sends me a song every day we’re apart, and it’s always stuff like that.

As for Cory praising her in interviews, Rosario said, “Knowing that he is running for the highest office in the nation while continuing to put our relationship first and laying the groundwork for our foundation has meant a lot to me. “It’s the notion that we can show up for anything we really want to show up for,” she continued. And it means a lot to me that he consistently shows up to us despite all of that.”

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